Company history

Jul. 2000 DIE limited company established.
Vacuum valve of vacuum die casting on sale by Mr. Morikawa
Jan. 2002 Vacuum device of vacuum die casting on sale
Nov. 2002 Ueda sale and technical center established
Sep. 2005 DIE ENGINEERING CORPORATION name of company change
Dec. 2005 Three years plan started
High quality vacuum system for aluminum die casting development
Clamping force 2500KN cold chamber die casting machine introduction
New cooling machine 、New injection 、New vacuum die casting development
Sep. 2007 ISO9001・ISO14001 certification acquisition
Apr. 2008 Mold cooling device development ・sale
Jan. 2010 Shanghai branch company established
Apr. 2012 Vacuum chill vent on sale
Oct. 2014 Mr.Morikawa became chairman of company
Ms.Jia became president of company
Jul. 2016 Thailand branch company established
June. 2018 Head office integrated from Toyama City to Ueda City
2018 to the present Focus on research development of EV vacuum system