Vacuum valve


Please do maintenance regularly.

We recommend our customer to do maintenance after every 48 hours usage.
Maintenance ensures stable action and prolongs lifespan of vacuum valve.
If the newest maintenance manual of vacuum valve is necessary, please send us mail.
E-Mail :

Content of vacuum valve maintenance

Dismantle and clean vacuum valve parts is free.

If there is necessity to exchange consumption parts of valve, we will send our customer quotation and exchange parts after we get confirmation from our customers.
Regular maintenance of valve can prolong lifespan of vacuum valve.
Maintenance sequence shows as below.

Please contact to the person in charge

Contact TEL FAX
Ueda Head office +81-268-72-8150 +81-268-72-8151

If you bought our product from trading company, please contact trading company firstly before sending product to our company.

※After we receive products which needs maintenance, we will check it carefully and send you quotation depends upon the necessity of consumption parts exchange.

Please send your product to the address as below.

〒386-2202 775-11 Motohara Sanada machi Ueda city Nagano prefecture.Japan
DIE ENGINEERING CORPORATION Person in charge(please note the model of valve ,different model has different person in charge)

If there is no necessary to change any parts, after free regular maintenance we will send products back to you in 5 days.
(Transportation fee is afforded by our customer)