Product introduction

Vacuum system of our company can solve adiabatic compression problem which causes serious defective products during die casting.

Our vacuum system includes vacuum valve, chill vent and vacuum device. This vacuum system can be adopted to aluminum, magnesium and zinc cold chamber or hot chamber also.

Chill vent

CVV chill vent is suitable to vacuum die casting which design is on the basis of plentiful experience.

CVV series



  1. 1. Compact design
  2. 2. Best design for vacuum suction
  3. 3. Best design for extrusion pin
  4. 4. Easy to do maintenance
  5. 【Patent No.5763584】
The chart below is C series (With cooling).
About D series (No cooling), please check the Document download.
Model Dimension Plunger chip(mm) Die casting machine (ton) Link

PDF file

A B C D One used Two used One used Two used
CVV60-C 60 125 42.5 37.5 φ50 φ70 ~125 ~250 Installation drawing
CVV80-C 80 125 42.5 37.5 φ55 φ80 ~125 ~250 Installation drawing
CVV100-C 100 125 42.5 37.5 φ60 φ90 ~250 ~350 Installation drawing
CVV120-C 120 125 42.5 37.5 φ70 φ100 ~250 ~500 Installation drawing