Confirmation subjects of trial manufacture

1.Confirmation of mold installation

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1-1 Confirmation of valve PL surface PL surface of valve is higher than PL surface of mold about 0.03~0.04.
1-2 Hit on Bunryukoʼs sleeve Performance is good.

2.Confirmation before production

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2-1 Lubricant spray spot and time Please make sure piston and valve of fixed side is sprayed more than 1sec.
2-2 Vacuum suction line Please make sure hose is connected firmly.
2-3 Valve protection air line Please make sure valve protection air is supplied during low and high speed die casting.

3.Confirmation during production

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3-1 Valve protection air During low speed ・high speed die casting valve protection air should be supplied. After intensified pressure signal is accept, this function stop supplying air.

Note:If this function is ON  by manual operation,
it cannot stop automatically.

3-2 Burning state of chip lubricant During molten metal fill , whether lubricant burning is much or not(Smoke is little).
3-3 Clearance of  valve Whether there is  clearance between valve PL surface.
(Please check whether there is burring or not).
3-4 Valve action When mold is opened, valve is opened at the same time.

Note:If valve opens a little slower, the possibility of clogging  risk is high.

3-5 Vacuum suction action Whether you can see white gas inside hose running
(Reference:During vacuum suction, vacuum hose is shrink a little ).
3-6 Vacuum suction timing Whether vacuum suction action is earlier than injection sound can be heard.


No Confirmation subject Content
4-1 Appearance of valve exhaust groove
4-2 Appearance confirmation(Whole) Influence of vacuum suction can be checked


No Confirmation subject Content
5-1 Mold temperature Above 120℃

6.Die casting condition

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6-1 Reference: 0.4sec before low
speed changes to high speed
die casting

※Please refer to right picture